What’s the difference between CBD extracts: CBD isolate (IsoEx), CBD distillate (DistEx), CBD Non-Distilled (NonEx)?

What’s the difference between CBD extracts: CBD isolate (IsoEx), CBD distillate (DistEx), CBD Non-Distilled (NonEx)?
May 21, 2020 admin

Let’s back up. Botanical, the plant, has several components with therapeutic value. The most famous are cannabinoids (specifically Botanical and THC) and terpenes. There are also cannaflavins, flavonoids, aldehydes and more.

  • Botany’s IsoEx oil is pure Botanical infused in MCT oil. This is chemically isolated Botanical which has been refined to be ≥99% pure, there are no other active components. It is THC free.
  • Botany’s DistEx oil is a distilled extract of Botanical containing only cannabinoids, including many minor cannabinoids like CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, THCV and more, infused in MCT oil.
    • Botany has two variants of DistEx oil. DistEx Full Spectrum and DistEx Broad Spectrum.
    • DistEx (Full Spectrum) contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids including natural trace amounts of THC, under the legal limit.
    • DistEx (Broad Spectrum) is similar except it has had all the THC removed and is THC free.
  • Botany’s NonEx oil is a non-distilled extract of Botanical containing all of the components previously mentioned (cannabinoids, terpenes, cannaflavins, flavonoids…) infused in MCT oil.

The latter extracts may have higher therapeutic value due to the “entourage effect”. To further confuse things many companies add artificial terpenes to their Botanical products to make them more similar to a non-distilled extract. Botany does not do this.

Botany offers these different types of Botanical extracts in several concentrations for convenience. The higher concentrations tend to be more popular. However because NonEx (non-distilled extract) is less refined it cannot be infused into MCT oil in as high concentrations as IsoEx and DistEx.

How much Botanical is in each product?

All of Botany’s Botanical oil products (IsoEx, DistEx, NonEx) are standardized and sold by their Botanical content. Botany does not standardize the content of minor cannabinoids, terpenes and other components. So each of the following products contains 1000mg (1g) of Botanical:

  • Botanical IsoEx Oil – 1000mg
  • Botanical DistEx Oil – 1000mg
  • Botanical NonEx Oil – 1000mg

Note, each product may contain varying amounts of other components e.g. CBDV, CBG, CBN, terpenes. You can look up specifically how much of each measured component is in your product by looking up the lab testing for the lot number on your bottle on the product listing.

Does that clear things up?